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BounceMe In is a revolutionary mobile rewards program designed to grow your neighborhood business like never before! You finally get to own the relationship with your loyal customers, increase their visits and draw new repeat customers. Sign Up Now!

Getting Started with BounceME in as easy as:

Sign up and login


Set your reward offer


Send custom deals


Connect with your loyal customers:

Every merchant knows that the key to their success is having loyal customers. By creating a loyalty program, Merchants will have the ability to connect with customers, communicate special offers etc. through BounceME in. No one else offers this communicate function to build a two way relationship.

Increase their visits by offering cool rewards:

By providing rewards points for each visit, BounceME in enables businesses to reward customers for their loyalty. All businesses know the importance of showing their appreciation of loyalty to their customers.

Create new customers through existing loyal ones:

Gaining new customers is critical for businesses. There is no better way to acquire a potential new loyal customer than a referral via existing loyal customers. BounceME in’s unique bounce referral system ensures that each customer will be able to get new clients while ensuring that only the most likely new customers are actually referred in.

Enjoy bounce referrals and the bounce network:

BounceME in lets your customers advocate you on the social the social web. You can set how many times you want to offer points for this actions based on the value this action provides your business. As the bounce network grows, your business grows as well.

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