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BounceMe In is a fun app that connects you with your favorite businesses and allows them to reward you for your loyalty. You earn points for referring businesses to your friends and social networks and you can bounce in points with your buddies! Download the app!

  • Get instant deals for referring friends: BounceMe In allows you to earn points for referring your friends to your favorite businesses. Once they go to that business, you get an instant deal! You also earn loyalty points each time you visit and for other actions such as leaving comments and broadcasting to facebook.
  • Share bounce points amongst buddies: Have fun with your friends by sharing points amongst each other to redeem your coupons sooner! Don’t forget to return the favor!
  • Store all loyalty cards in one mobile app: With the bounceMe In app, you can have all your loyalty cards for your favorite businesses such as bars, restaurants, cafés and others all in one place.
  • Receive specials from your favorite businesses: The bounceMe In app enables you to stay in tune with all the latest specials-deals, offers, events and sales for all your favorite businesses. Never miss a special again!

Getting deals with BounceMe In is easy:

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